Canadian Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) Provides Aid to Remote Areas of Nepal

As aid agencies and nonprofits pour into Kathmandu in hoards from around the world and millions if not billions of dollars have been donated, one must begin to wonder where is aid truly needed the most? Where are the people who are trapped and whose supply routes have been severed by destruction? The Canadian Disaster Assistance Response Team, or DART as it is more commonly known, is seeking to find just those people in those remote areas.

Nepal is a country that is nearly impossible to navigate in normal circumstances, especially for non-locals. But with landslides and rubble now everywhere, this has become an even greater challenge. According to an interview with CBC News Canada, ‘"What we're finding right now is the most affected areas in Nepal are the bordering areas ... the remote areas bordering China," Canadian Red Cross president and CEO Conrad Sauvé said. He added that some of those affected areas can take up to two days to reach, even under good conditions.” The primary fear that those who suffered injuries living outside of Kathmandu can not make it to the clinics, thus are only growing sicker. So DART is hiking to them. By setting up mobile clinics in these remote areas, DART hopes that a greater number of people can be provided with adequate care and supplies before it’s too late.

Picture from Canadian Forces Photos Flickr