Big Data and Geospatial Mapping. In recent years it has become apparent that this combination can work magic. From the military, to businesses, to disaster relief non-profits, this duo is taking the world by storm. How so? According to one article found on IT Business Edge,

Geospatial mapping can show real-time changes to weather, locations of field staff, supply chains impacted by world events, and customer patterns. The competitive advantages an organization can attain when armed with real-time location data and visualization are almost endless.

By combining layers of data from all over the Internet of Things, information can be visualized in a way that can’t be rivaled. Simply providing more accurate predictive modeling makes tracking everything from disease to consumer trends far simpler and faster.

GIS Lounge asks us to imagine how powerful it would be if we could analyze vast data streamed from social media, smart devices, international statistics, spatial logs and more - in order to predict the precise location of the next outbreak of a disease and have the ability to prepare for the same. With Navvi we can.

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